I have hope that there is more. I have a greater hope, call me crazy, that life is a lot more than getting a college degree, getting a job, having a family and being a super mom. I fit the mold-in every single thing I just mentioned, I do everyday. The worst thing is is that I am among millions and millions of super moms that devote their lives all of that above. My question now is HOW? How do you balance and make time for yourself without feeling guilty How do you not lose your mind? How do you manage to do it all the right way? I know it may not be possible however why do we live like that? Why do I live like that? How can I change it?

I am always really good at giving advice however not always very good and taking it for myself. I tell everyone probably exactly what your’e thinking… breath. Make time for yourself and balance. WELL OKAY BUT HOW? How do you put your pencil and say I am not coming anymore? How do you quit your great job that you probably will never get again? How do you say “wait a minute, I cant” to your loving parents? How do you bring your child’s life a  halt just so you can get a breath of fresh air?

This isn’t a normal advice blog because I am constantly trying to figure out what will work for me. Currently the only advice that I can give to myself and actually take for myself is to breath. To take it day by day and learn to appreciate the struggle and all the ‘good’ that is coming from it. I am learning, and I am growing with these challenging experiences. Another thing I am realizing is how strong I am deciding for myself that I CAN do it and I AM doing it. That-is something no one will give you. That… is something you can only give to yourself.


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