The Post Single Mom

One of the constant fears that I have is messing it up-the whole thing, just doing it wrong. I’ve slowly realized that it is okay to mess up and it is also okay to realize that. In introducing a man to my three year old that she sees do everything a ‘dad’ should do is tough-for a lack of a better word. I am the type of person that wishes sh could live through life with instructions because I am good at following those. Doing my heavy research on dating again after being a single mom had me left more confused than when I started my research in the beginning. I began to do my own thing and obtaining advice from here and from there and I began to see the realize that I was not doing anything-he was. Christian was getting close to my daughter time and time again. In the beginning he was a little weird about it, so was I, and so was she… But we soon came to the conclusion that we were going to leave things how they were and we were both going to fill her with so much love. As time has gone by, a year to be exact, I would do things differently, I would explain to Chris that my daughter is my priority and will continue to be for the rest of my life-and that children will love-deeply and quickly without asking any questions. I will explain that yes, as much as my research let me know, he will do all of the fatherly things that a dad should do and maybe gain the ‘Dad’ title on the way and if he does make sure that that’s okay.


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